About Us


We offer real name brand quality for less than the cheap imitators. Used by multiple AMBR winners. Choice of leading builders and champions for over 33 years, with more custom finishes offered than anyone else in the business!

We create finishes-others copy, or at least try to. We pride ourselves in having virtually limitless custom machining capabilities. You can count on unparalleled service-get your questions answered, not just your order taken!

As seen in Rodder’s Journal, Street Rodder, Goodguys, etc. regularly.

Our History


Classic design, solid engineering, and superb quality have made Eric Vaughn’s aluminum Real Wheels the first choice of many professional hot rod builders since they were introduced back in 1983.

In 2004, after many years of very limited production runs and sporadic availability, Pat O’Brien bought the Real Wheels name and molds, and started a new company called, Real Rodders Wheels. The company is owned and operated by hot rodders and racers. Our new products retain the same very high quality and materials that Real Wheels became known for, but with quicker delivery, and a larger selection of sizes and styles of the “original classic wheels”.

Our custom finished patina wheels are hand-finished works of art that only a specialty wheel boutique, such as Real Rodders Wheels, can offer. They are finished to emulate the look of a forty year old wheel that was found and restored by someone who spent untold hours in the garage hand-working and restoring them to a pristine condition. They scream Vintage Rod or Race.

Our Legacy Continues


Everyone who has seen the wheels, including several long-time hot rodders, all agree that they are substantially better than any similar wheels that any of them had ever seen. For all practical purposes, they are perfect. All Real Rodders Wheels are manufactured using aerospace casting quality and machined on CNC machinery.

For 33 years now, Real Rodders Wheels have been the choice of discriminating rod owners searching for a traditional style wheel. The company’s reputation is well known for unrelenting quality control, as well as a dedication to providing sizes and designs aimed at the street rodder wanting no compromises.

Produced using the finest materials and cast in one-piece castings, just as the famous vintage wheels we all remember from yesteryear, Real Rodders Wheels are now available in all of the popular original sizes and bolt patterns. They are show polished wheels made by one of the finest foundries in the world, then carefully packaged to protect them during shipping.

Now that you’re tired of antiseptic-looking billet wheels and welded-up copies of old old racing wheels, get the real thing! Real Rodders Wheels!